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Android Tools is an amazing app that allows you to use basic ADB and Fastboot commands on your Windows PC. While this may not seem like the most exciting piece of technology, the truth is that it’s incredibly useful to anyone who uses Android devices. If you own an Android phone or tablet and don’t currently use ADB or Fastboot, here are three reasons to start today!

3 reasons why I use it

Android Tools is a free application for managing your phone from your Windows computer. It’s one of the best ways for you to use ADB commands without having an actual Android device.
I use it when I need to do something that my phone can’t do, like rooting and installing a ROM. I also use it if I need to reset my phone or if I want to clear out data.
It’s pretty easy, too.

How easy it is to setup

Android Tools is a simple, lightweight tool that lets you manage your android phone from your Windows PC.
Firstly, the setup process is really easy – just download and install the app. There are no complicated instructions or installation requirements. You can use it with any android device connected to your computer via USB cable or WiFi connection. Secondly, all of the features are self-explanatory and easy-to-use without requiring any tutorials or instructions.

The most useful features

Android tools for windows is the most useful tool for android users who are using a windows pc. It offers several great features, some of which are: basic adb and fastboot commands, application tools such as install/uninstall, backup and restore, and clear data.
The basic ADB commands (shell console, push/pull file) make it easy to manage almost any android phone from your windows pc.

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