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It used to be that unlocking your Android phone required you to flash a new ROM, which meant wiping all of your data and starting from scratch again. Thankfully, as phones have gotten more sophisticated and tablets more popular, there are now much easier ways to unlock your device and install software of your choice without losing any personal data or apps. The EME Mobile Tool, available on the Google Play Store at no cost, is the world’s first one-click Android unlocker that supports almost every device from brands like HTC, Sony, Motorola and Lenovo, as well as many others.

Why unlock when you can sideload

Why would you want to sideload when you can easily unlock with just one click? Well, there are a few reasons why sideloading may be more ideal for some users. For example, if your bootloader is locked and the device you’re trying to unlock has no custom recovery mode available, then sideloading may be your best bet.

Five steps to sideload an operating system

This is a guide to sideloading an operating system onto a smartphone. This process will allow you to install a new operating system without needing your device to be connected to the internet or any other devices.
The first thing that you will need is a bootable SD card with the operating system of your choice on it. If this is something that you don’t have, then you can download one from the website of your desired operating system.

Boot your phone into download mode

There are a few different ways to enter download mode on your phone. On Samsung devices, you can usually enter download mode by holding down Volume Up, Home and Power until the Download screen appears. For other brands of phones, these buttons vary – refer to the user manual for more information.
Download Mode is an essential step in flashing new firmware onto your device. Before you can flash new software onto your device, you must first put it into Download Mode.
Lots of supported models
OnePlus, Smartisan, Lenovo, Android, Prog etc popular modules, supported Qualcomm, Mediatek etc mainstream chips, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Huawei, Qualcomm, Mediatek, emt tools

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