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u’re trying to unlock your device, you may have been frustrated by the fact that many devices now have USB protection enabled. But no worries – this guide will help you with how to bypass USB protection for unlocking any MTK device! If your device has internet access through its SIM card, you can use these steps to bypass the USB protection and gain full access to the device.

The USB protection system 

Unlocking the FRP pattern lock is easy if you bypass the USB protection for flash, which can be done using MCT. If you have MCT, you can bypass this security by plugging in the device into your computer and running the command: ./mtk-bypass usb. The prompt will ask you to enter a few of commands. Plug in your device into your computer while it is turned off, then turn it on and press volume up when it prompts you with a menu of different items.

The loophole

The FRP pattern lock is a key security system for these devices. After the device is locked, it will display an inoperable lock screen with an unfamiliar message. Although there are ways to bypass the code on the lockscreen, this tutorial focuses on unlocking a phone without having to enter your credentials after bypassing the USB protection for flash in mass storage mode (MTP). The video below explains how to use ODIN mode and AP Fastboot Mode after setting up ADB drivers.


The process of unlocking any FRP pattern lock and bypassing the USB protection for flash are both possible if you have access to a hardware programming device. When it comes to unlocking your phone’s pattern lock, make sure that you’re using a JTAG or Serial communication interface, as these devices provide direct access with no hindrance from the firmware. Once connected, execute the set active_flag and prohibit usb commands in fastboot in order to unlock your device without resetting it.

MCT Bypass Download

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