USB Fat32 Format Tool

Download FAT32 Tool

You’ve got a USB drive or an external hard disk that you want to use, but Windows only lets you format it to FAT32. If the device you have supports it, FAT32 just won’t cut it anymore, and NTFS just won’t work on it at all.

What Is FAT32 Format Application

To help you format your external data files that are usually not formatted in FAT32, we’ve come up with a new solution. This application can be used on many different kinds of storage devices and allow them to be formatted in FAT32 without any problems.

Why Do I Need An Application To Reformat My Disk?

You may be thinking, why do I need an application for that? Just use Windows’ format tool! and you’d be right to think that. That is what most people would do in a situation like this. However, if you were to use Windows 7’s built-in formatting tool, then that would be as simple as it sounds.

How Does The Conversion Work

For example, SD cards used to hold small files such as MP3s are technically formatted with a FAT (File Allocation Table) file system. But most SD cards can’t exceed 32GB in capacity, and if they do, it’s hard for them to be recognized by computers. What you need is a special program that converts your SD card into a larger disk drive with Windows recognizing it as an external disk. Here’s how: Install TransMac.

Does This System Work On All Types Of Drives And Cards?

In order for FAT32 Format to be used, it has to be compatible with external drives. If you’re using a drive that’s formatted as NTFS (Windows NT File System), then it won’t work. But if your drive is formatted in ext2/ext3 or HFS+, then you can use it.

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