Vivo Y12a And 21 After Update Hang Logo

Vivo Y12a And 21 After October Update Hang On Logo

Many users of Vivo phones have reported that their device gets stuck on the Vivo logo after an update. If your device has been affected, you’re probably wondering how to get it back up and running again and what the best way to deal with this problem is. Fortunately, you don’t have to be bothered by this issue anymore because we’ll show you exactly what to do about it today! Keep reading our article to find out more!

About Vivo

While many smartphone companies are shrinking their offerings down to just a handful of devices, vivo is growing its roster. This means more competition for your buck, and thus more opportunities for you as a consumer. Read on for some considerations if you’re thinking about buying a new vivo phone.

Why Does My Vivo Phone Get Stuck?

When you perform a system update on your device, it can sometimes get stuck at wait for logo. This is more common when you use third-party recovery software or ROMs, but it can happen with updates from official channels as well. It’s usually not a big issue if you wait long enough and don’t reboot your device too often—and eventually, after enough time has passed, your phone will move past that stage.

Can I fix it on my own?

In most cases, if your phone gets stuck on a logo after updating, it can be resolved by simply removing and reinserting your SIM card. To do that, turn off your phone and pop out your SIM card. Then restart your device and enter safe mode by pressing Volume Down + Power Button once you turn it back on. Safe mode disables any 3rd party apps that may be causing a problem with your device. Once in safe mode, try again to update or restart as normal.

Is It Normal for my phone to get stuck at the logo screen after updating?Section: How do I fix it?

Call or visit a nearby service center. They might be able to fix it right there. You can also try resetting your phone by holding down the power button and volume down key simultaneously for several seconds. Section: Does it affect my phone’s performance? Yes, it slows down your device if you keep getting stuck at startup. But don’t worry; once you fix it, your phone will function normally again. Section: How do I update my firmware? Visit our official website.

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